Artist Statement

  • Dolls in Salem Project 1
  • Dolls in Salem Project 2
  • Dolls in Salem Project 3
  • Dolls in Salem Project 4
  • Dolls in Salem Project 5
  • Dolls in Salem Project 6

I am inspired by dichotomies, especially in nature: hard and soft, dark and light, weak and strong. The simultaneous complexity and simplicity of nature fascinates me.

Digitally, I'm a fan of minimalist styles and intuitive user interfaces. Achieving both is a holy grail that is much easier said than done. (That is, in large part, why I bow to the genius that was Steve Jobs).

Photography is another tool by which I explore my visual voice. I shoot both film and digital, enjoying both the experience of chemical darkroom processing and computer based digital processing. Most of my film work is done in black and white, as I find there’s a timeless beauty to a film print that I’ve yet to see duplicated in digital processing. The majority of my color prints are captured and processed digitally. I believe in capturing the best possible image in camera, prior to processing. I also enjoy experimental photography, including infrared film photography and pinhole photography.

I enjoy landscape photography and portraiture, and occasionally tackle event photography.